Portfolio Description


The product is a range of team machine tools that do not operate under heavy load, industrial stationary and mobile hydraulic systems, and non-heavy-duty applications such as bearings, gearboxes, hydraulic, and lubrication oils. It is designed for systems that require anti-wear and film strength properties.


Superior water separation property assists in faster separation of water from oil. Emulsions and special rust and corrosion inhibitors preserve the presence of multiple metallurgical components in the presence of moisture.

Fast air release feature enables smooth operation of pump cavitation.


Kinematik Viskozite:  
  100 °C’de, mm2/sASTM D4556
Brookfield dinamik viskozitesi, -40 ° C’deASTM D 298345
Parlama noktası COC, °СASTM D92190
Donma noktası, °СASTM D97-26
Yoğunluk, 15 °С’de, kg/m3ASTM D40520.880